Copy any key online!

No matter which key profile, we make sure that you get your copy. Contact us, get a quote, send us your key and we’ll do the rest! We duplicate all kinds of keys in person at our shop in Berlin or via post. The process of key cutting is done with professional and precise equipment by our experienced locksmith crew. Key copy – cheap and fast!

Schlüssel nachmachen online

How do I get a key copy?

All you need is a picture of your key. Get the price per copy and order it online. After that you have to send the original key per post.

Online inquiry

Take pictures of your key. Send us a price inquiry via contact form, whatsapp or telegram.

Take an order

Go to the received link and provide with the number of all needed key copies. Make an order.

Send original keys

Pack your original-keys in a envelope. Send the package to our store in Berlin.

Get your key copies

Get your copies and original back. The shipping is free of charge in Germany.

Kostenvoranschlag für Ihr Schlüsselkopie über WhatsApp und Telegram.

WhatsApp, Telegram or MMS

You need a price for your key? Just use your smartphone! Just add this number to your contacts: +49 176 62223755. Then send a picture of your key with WhatsApp or Telegram.

Check the prices for key cutting via our online form!

Fill out the contact form below and attach the pictures of your keys. You get an offer with prices and order link within 24 hours by e-mail.

    Key 1 front:
    Key 1 back:
    Key 2 front:
    Key 2 back:
    I acknowledge that I must send my original key by mail and accept the terms and conditions (AGB) and privacy policy (Datenschutz.)

    Benefits of

    Did you know that can copy almost all of your keys much cheaper than your local Locksmith?

    Günstige Preise für Schlüsselkopien

    Cheap prices

    Duplicate key costs only 4.50 euro and maximum 75.00 euro per copy. The price depends on the key type. Shipping of your key copies is for free within Germany.

    Fast alle Schlüssel können kopiert werden

    Copy 99% of all keys types

    Nothing is impossible for us! We copy 99% of key profiles worldwide. Whether for front door, car, bicycle or a very old padlock. We almost always find a solution for every key.

    Sichere Online-Bestellung von Schlüsselkopien

    Secure online order

    Your request and order is 100% safe and SSL encrypted. PS: The shipping of your keys can be completely anonymous. Just enter a shipping address of your friend or neighbour.

    Prices for key cutting

    Our prices starting at 4.50 euro per key copy! Max 75.00 euro per copy for special key types.

    Standard Keys

    from 4,50 EUR

    Standardtyp Schlüssel
    • Apartment door key cutting

    • Room door key cutting

    • Padlock key cutting

    • Mailbox key cutting

    • Furniture key cutting

    • Locker key cutting

    Special Keys

    from 30,00 EUR

    Sonderprofil Schlüssel
    • Keys with security card

    • Safe key cutting

    • Special key cutting

    • Locker key cutting

    • Chubb key cutting

    • Cruciform key cutting

    Bike and Car Keys

    from 10,00 EUR

    Fahrrad- und Autoschlüssel
    • Car key cutting (without chip)

    • Key cutting for oldtimer cars

    • Key cutting for bike lock

    • Bicycle key cutting

    • Moped and scooter key cutting

    • Boat and yacht key cutting

    What brands of keys can you duplicate?

    We can copy / duplicate keys of the following brands: 



    • IKON RS

    • IKON RN

    • IKON 400

    • IKON R10

    • IKON SK6

    • IKON SK5

    • IKON WSW

    • IKON P0

    • IKON Multiprofil

    • IKON Sperrwelle

    • IKON Vector

    • IKON TK5



    • ABUS V14




    • ABUS EC550

    • ABUS EC660

    • ABUS ECK660

    • ABUS EC800

    • ABUS XP20S

    • ABUS E20NP




    • DOM CS


    • DOM ix Saturn

    • DOM ix HT

    • DOM iX Twinstar

    • DOM RS 8

    • DOM RN


    • DOM iX Twido

    • DOM iX Teco

    • DOM iX Twinstar

    • DOM 6 HT



    • BKS Helius

    • BKS Detect 3

    • BKS Livius

    • BKS Janus 46

    • BKS 3107

    • BKS 3112

    • BKS 3177

    • BKS 3127



      • ASSA ABLOY RW6

      • ASSA ABLOY DP10

      • ASSA ABLOY 10CE

      • ASSA ABLOY 10S


      • ASSA ABLOY GLS-4400

      • ASSA ABLOY TWIN 6000



        • EVVA 3KS

        • EVVA Dual

        • EVVA ICS

        • EVVA EPS

        • EVVA DPI

        • EVVA DPE 

        • EVVA DPS



          • WILKA GS7

          • WILKA V10

          • WILKA W104

          • WILKA S3

          • WILKA W413

          • WILKA Z1

          • WILKA S1

            WINK HAUS

            WINK HAUS

            • WINK HAUS keyTec VSX

            • WINK HAUS X-tra

            • WINK HAUS N-tra

            • WINK HAUS RPE

            • WINK HAUS AZ



              • MUL-T-LOCK CLASSIC

              • MUL-T-LOCK Integrator

              • MUL-T-LOCK Interaktiv

              • MUL-T-LOCK MT5 plus



                  • GEGE pExtra

                  • GEGE pExtra +

                  • GEGE AP 2000


                      ISEO / GERA

                      • ​GERA ISEO 3000

                      • GERA ISEO 3500

                          The list contains only a part of the keys that KEY-COPY can duplicate. We also duplicate keys from local manufacturers all over Europe, Asia and America.

                          Some keys can be duplicated without a security card, even if it is required by other locksmiths.

                          Special offers for big quantities!

                          Are you looking for a locksmith that can provide your business with large quantities of key copies? We duplicate keys (Master System Keys as well) for all sorts of businesses and organisations. We copy keys for educational institutions, banks, storage facielieties, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, business centers, sports facilities (changing rooms, swimming pools, stadiums) etc. We can also deliver worldwide via DHL insurred packages! Contact us te get a special offer for large quantities!

                          An example of a discount for standard type keys:

                          50 pcs. – € 2,95 per copy.
                          100 pcs. – € 2,50 per copy.

                          Reviews about

                          Hear what people say about us

                          Great service, super fast, and at a good fair price! I used their Whatsapp service and received a quotation quick and at a very good price. I was late to collect my keys but he waited for me, and the keys fit perfectly in the house door and flat door. Would definitely recommend!
                          Iva Sa'adon
                          at Google

                          I have a very old lock, with a very old key. No locksmith could make that key for me until I found! They made also my apartment keys. A very quick and cheap way to copy keys. I will gladly recommend!

                          Owner was friendly and stayed open late so I could come by and have duplicate keys made. Would recommend!
                          Broome Saunderman
                          at Google

                          Powered by Schlüssel.Discount

                 is a service of Schlüssel.Discount (OWSD Werbe- und Sicherheitsshop GmbH) based in Berlin – Germany.

                          Powered by Schlüssel.Discount

                          Copy your keys in our store in Berlin

                          Can I also duplicate my keys in the store? Sure! Just make an online inquiry, get a price for your key copy and visit our store.

                          Online request for key cutting
                          Use the form provided above to get your price per copy.

                          Store in Berlin
                          Come over to our store and take your keys with you.

                          Get your key copy
                          Most keys are made in just 1 minute. Enjoy your coffee.

                          That’s how you find us

                          KEY-COPY.COM store Berlin

                          • Address: Brunnenstraße 8, 10119 Berlin

                          • Route: U8 (metro); M8 & M1 (tram); 142, N8, N40 (bus)

                          • Phone: +49 30 250 55 118

                          • E-Mail:

                          • Opening hours: Mo – Fr: 10:00 – 18:30 h, Sa: 11:00 – 15:00, Su: closed

                          Cutting your key copy

                          Thanks to our advanced key cutting milling machines you can be sure that all key duplicates will be precise and will fit your lock. Our key cutting machines can scan and cut almost all types of key! Key cutting process is really quick and can be done personally in our store in Berlin. 

                          Key duplicate materials

                          Our key duplicate are done from finest materials. You don’t have to worry about durability of our products! Your key duplicate will not break or rust. Thanks to precise key cutting and durable materials key duplicate will fit your lock even after many years!

                          Duplicate keys information

                          Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and information about duplicating keys

                          Step 1: Key copy online inquiry

                          Is the online inquiry safe?

                          Your order will be completely encrypted. Thanks to SSL encryption, it is just as secure as online banking. Another good news: The pictures of your keys will be automatically deleted after a maximum of 6 months. You want us to delete your pictures immediately? No problem, please let us know. Incidentally, the same applies to all requests from WhatsApp and Telegram Messenger.

                          Why do you need images of my key?

                          Based on the pictures we can check the model of your keys. So we can give you a detailed and accurate price for a copy.

                          Can my key be duplicated?

                          First make an online request to find out! We duplicate up to 99% of all common key types and are constantly adding new models and types. Unfortunately, there are some key types that we can’t copy. We can’t duplicate some very complicated keys, old keys or digital keys.

                          Are there quantity discounts?

                          Our prices are fixed and can’t be negotiated. Compared to other key services, our prices are already below the list prices. An exception exists for key copies from 50 pieces and more. In this case, ask us for a special price!

                          Why do I have to send my lock in some cases?

                          Some keys types are very complicated and requires highest precision level to copy. In this case, we can’t guarantee that the copy will be in 100% accurate. To avoid unnecessary shipping costs, we ask you to send your lock together with the key.

                          Step 2: Take an order

                          How can I order online?

                          If you send us a request with pictures of your key, you will receive an offer with a purchase link. Click on this link and type the received prices and the number of the desired key copies as well .

                          Can I use a different shipping address?

                          You don’t want to publish your private address? Just enter the address of your friend, so you can pick up the package from him after your new key copies are shipped. Alternatively, you can have your parcel sent to your local post office and pick it up there.

                          Which payment options are possible?

                          You can pay for your order via PayPal, credit card or direct debit.

                          Why are the prices in euro?

                          Our company is based in Germany, so you will receive from us an invoice with German VAT and all necessary legal information. For this reason, the payment is made in euros and usually converted into your local currency.

                          Step 3: Send original keys (shipping costs)

                          Do I have to send the original keys?

                          Yes, the original key must be sent to us as a package. You can choose a shipping service of your choice, for example DHL, UPS or Hermes.

                          Where should I send my original key?

                          Please send your shipment to:

                          Brunnenstrasse 8
                          10119 Berlin

                          Is it safe to send my keys via post?

                          We recommend to send your package by registered mail, so you can track it. Your shipment is often insured in this case. Attention: Your keys should be packed in a strong, plastic envelope or cardboard box.

                          Can I send my keys anonymously?

                          In some cases clients don’t want to provide with the real address. That’s why we suggest that you put address of your friend or family member on the parcel. For more info see the question “Can I use a different shipping address?” above.

                          How should I prepare my keys for shipment?

                          Never send the keys in an envelope made of thin paper! The keys are sharp and can tear the envelope. Use a firm, plastic envelope or cardboard box. Make sure to note the order number and attach it to your package, so we can easily assign the order.

                          What are the shipping costs?

                          You only pay for shipping costs to us. The price depends on your shipping service provider and the country from which you send the package. For example, shipping within Germany is the cheapest and from countries outside the EU usually cost more.

                          Step 4: Get your key copies

                          Will my original key and copies be send to me for free?

                          We ship the key copies and your original keys back for free within Germany. Enter a German delivery address and save up to 20 euros.

                          Will my keys be sent to me safely?

                          We always ship the parcels by registered and insured mail. The package will be confirmed by signature after arrival. That way we can be sure that the package arrived safely at the recipient.

                          How long does it take to duplicate my key?

                          After we receive your original key via post, a copy will be made on the same day. For some key models, you may have to wait a little bit longer for realisation your order. Do not worry, we’ll let you know how long it takes. Shipping your keys by mail takes between 1 and 10 working days depending on the country.

                          Excellent! My key copy fit

                          We would be happy to hear from you. Give us feedback, share your wishes and do not forget to leave a rating for your order.

                          What happens if my key copies do not fit?

                          In case of missfit of your new key copies, please send back the original and copies to us again. Please contact us at to get an instruction.

                          Step 5: Shipping key copies in time of corona virus epidemic (COVID-19)

                          Is it safe to receive package from you in times of corona virus epidemic (COVID-19)?

                          Our personnel works in clean and safe environment. We use all safety precautions like protective masks and gloves. We regularly disinfect our working spaces and our machines. According to WHO and american CDC organisation, it is highly unlikely to catch the disease via received mail. It is more likely you will get infected via contact with other people than via mail or packages.

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